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Such confused signals often lead to cravings, and so we eat and eat to try to satisfy them, but what we really crave is missing nutrition.

Instead of turning to a nutritious diet or other healthy way to furnish minerals (such as the plant derived minerals from the prehistoric clays in Utah available from Utopia Silver), we turn to the SADS diet, fast foods, nuked meals, sweets, junk food, etc. Perhaps many of us can relate to that familiar quandary of eating and eating to the point of being gorged, and yet still feeling hungry for “something”. Coming Installments: “Measuring the Loss of Minerals in our Soils and Foods” “Gone Without a Trace – Our Essential Disappearing Trace Minerals” “Heading off a Health Disaster – Replacing our Lost Minerals” Live long, live healthy, live happy!

Similar to the cats and dogs one sees eating grass when they instinctively know they are either deficient in vitamins and minerals or need extra ones to combat an illness or infection, I believe that the human body also sends such instinctive signals at times that it is missing vital nutrients, but we no longer recognize what it is our bodies are telling us and where to find what we need to silence the signals.

The way nature works in a more or less “natural” state is that tree roots go deep in the soil and bring up vital minerals that are replaced as the trees die and decompose.

In addition, animals that eat and contain the minerals themselves die and decompose and are returned to the soil.

It’s hard to tell someone you don’t like them or to be honest about things that turn you off.

You can’t know about a person after only one meeting.

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