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The only contact information that appears in your ad is the information you choose to put in your ad.

If you have questions about billing cycles, or when/why you have been billed, please refer back to this page or contact Billy Callis at [email protected] 512-443-3675. When you enter your payment information and submit your ad, it does not go through automatically.Your ad and your payment are carefully processed by TDA staff members. FORMATTING AND CONTENT: - All Practice Opportunity and Office Space ads must begin with a location (such as a city, area, or region of the state). SPECIFIC PRACTICES: - Practice Opportunity and Office Space ads must refer to one or more specific dental practices and/or properties. NO SPECIFIC INCOMES: By official TDA resolution, classified ads may not quote specific incomes or revenues. For example, "5,000" must be changed to "low-to-mid 6 figures." 15.DEADLINE: Copy text is due the 20th of the month, 2 months prior to publication (i.e., January issue has a due date of November 20.)MONTHLY RATESONLINE: per month (no word limit).Online ads are circulated the 1st business day of each month, however an ad can be placed within 24 business hours for an additional fee of .

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