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Today, Stock Island Detention Center is home to 150, including Maggie, one of three sloths, and Snowflake, an alpaca.Then there’s Peanut, a miniature horse found wandering in the Everglades after being abandoned by her owner.After landing the job, Selander, still unsure, visited the jail site with Mader as he did his rounds.“I thought, ‘What a neat little place’ — and how much more could be done with it.Mike Smith was out of prison for ten days when he blacked out while drinking and was arrested alongside a busy street in Key West.When he sobered up, he was back in jail and had no recollection of being arrested. “If I don’t stop I’m gonna spend the rest of my life in prison.” This time Smith knew he would have to do a small stint behind bars before he could get a spot in a substance abuse program.Selander came to the farm almost ten years ago, with a background in marine biology.She was working for the Key West Aquarium when the job opened up and Dr.

Selander regularly takes him to community events and stands with him at the entrance during open house days where he meets all the visitors to the farm.There was a lot of need and it turned out the jail was beginning to look like the place to fill it.Jeanne Selander — “Farmer Jeanne” as she’s known around town — runs the farm with the trustees.Doug Mader, who then donated her to the sun is drooping in the December sky as cicadas weave ominous melodies into the summer air.Their shrill vibrato is the soundtrack to Azola Nkqinqa’s last day as a boy.

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