Sarah michelle gellar and james marsters dating

I don't know how is relationship between James and Sarah now and how was. Yeah I agree with Stars1100 there good friends nothing else and to whoever made this convo topic The letter R on the whos dated who site means real reshonship the S means Screen couple and the M means Married!I don't think this is true some times websites lie or they are confussed.however i think Sarah and James would have made a cute couple.

Maybe this is reason why James said in an interview that kissing SMG was weird. Before it was like "greta performance, loved you in the episode last night" and now its like "DUDE TAKE YOUR SHIRT OFF"" (obviously its an old interview lol) but he wouldn;t say that if he dated her surely? James has been married since 1996 before Buffy and he married a woman he met when he was living in England.

So when I looked at Sarah's there was Jerry O Connell, James, David, Freddie and some tennis player.

But as far as I know Freddie is the only relationship on there thats been confirmed to be more than a rumour... :( i think that SMG and JM are just really good friends in real life, James Marsters said in an interview that she's like his younger sister besides SMG is now married to Freddie Prinze Jr..

But i guess I was wrong she dated James Marsters for couple of months in 1997.

Nice work Angie22, thats very big news to share for all us.

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This may be a blow to the Spikettes, but for those who caught the blooper in the episode ‘I Will Remember You’, her preference for Mr. Listen closely at the 2mins36secs mark in the video below, and you’ll hear Angel say “It’s okay, Sarah,” instead of calling her by her character name.

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