Mvn error updating group repository metadata

The gerrit trigger willtrigger both for the dynamic and non-dynamic configurations.The interval on which Jenkins fetches the file is configurable in the administrative pages for the Gerrit trigger, under advanced: Note1: anonymous user must have READ permissions to Jobs in order for this feature to work.If this does not work for you set Refspec to refs/changes/*:refs/changes/* and 'Branches to build' to $GERRIT_REFSPEC.Note: Be aware that $GERRIT_BRANCH and $GERRIT_REFSPEC are not set in the Ref Updated case.You can get around this limitation if you for example want to use the same job to build the master branch at some point.If you are using the Git plugin do the following Using this trick will enable you to build, but no results will be sent to Gerrit since it is not triggered by it.

Then provide the name of the branch(es) to trigger on. So for example to trigger on all branches in the project you can specify: Type: Path Pattern: ** You can add more branch patterns by clicking on "Add Branch" and more projects by clicking "Add Project".

At least one project and branch pattern needs to be specified for a build to be triggered,and you can specify as many gerrit project to trigger on as you want.

Start by specifying the name of the Gerrit project in the left hand text field.

The mechanics are as follows:"Skipping" the vote means that if more than one build is triggered by a Gerrit event the outcome of this build that "skips its vote" won't be counted when the final vote is sent to Gerrit.

If this is the only build that is triggered then the vote will be 0.

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