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Keep updated on all the most interesting activity on the site using the Live Feed, a Facebook Newsfeed-esque feature that updates in real-time.And do it all on the go, using the Meet Me i OS and Android apps.Meet Me began its ascent from surprisingly humble origins.In 2005, a 15- and 16-year-old pair of siblings, Catherine and David Cook, got the idea to trade in the traditional paper yearbook for a 21st-century digital version.Literally the WORST social networking site out there.Boasts 30 million members of which 95% are fake or dormant accounts.

The LGBT section is so chaotic you can't really narrow it down. I joined meet me was on it a couple days meet this guy profile says he from beverly hills ca,and what a smooth talker I sing the right words.

Playing basic games, like air hockey, solitaire, and crosswords, is free, but Lunch Money is required to use other features like Owned.

In Owned, users buy and sell their friends using the virtual currency.

Then when when you call it is an answering service.

Used to be My Yearbook but has been taken over and turned into a dating site.

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