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If a Taurus woman tells you something other than "it's over" it means that she wants you to fight for her! We laugh all the time & we seem to balance each other very well. I'm a 27 year old Capricorn man who was with a Taurus woman for about five years. We have since split for about 3 years and well, looking back it was a gift and a curse (the split that is).

We were actually a real good match and had a lot in common and either way we looked at it....mad, sad, happy, or even glad.....still made up but I had my faults as she did, only she wasn't patient enough to see past those.

If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Capricorn and Taurus compatibility article on this relationship first.

I also have a Capricorn man guide and Taurus woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship.

I love my man so much no matter what even though he pulls the whole now-im-here now-im-not thing, which infuriates Taurus. She wants to feel wanted so if you show that, she will come back to you without thinking it twice! I've never been treated so well or made to feel so special & beautiful.

but she'll stick by hoping its worth my while !! I am a Taurus Woman dating a Capricorn male & it is fantastic! Taurus - Capricorn relationships are a great experience.

We understand each others needs for space because we're like best friends and we also enjoy each others company and often find our selves laughing it up about something... Paul I am a Capricorn male who just came out of an exhausted marriage of 20 years with an Aries.

He's far from cheap, and always opens his heart to me letting me in on his thoughts. im a Cancer man and I've been in love with my gf Taurus for 4 years the issue here is sometimes I feel that im too emotional for her..! I am very passionate love being in love and feeling wanted. We come from different backgrounds bit isn't that the best thing about relationship what you bring to each others lives. What should I do, chase, pursue, persuade, I don't know, any advice would be appreciated.

it takes patience with a cap, and taurean are full of it.

so once you can break away his layers its an extremely pleasing relationship.

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He disappears, and comes back, disappears and comes back.

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Capricorn guy, find yourself a Taurus and FORCE yourself to be open with her, let her know your feelings. Im a Taurus girl interested in a Capricorn guy which I think the feeling might be mutual but of course he is not an open book because of the trust thing the Capricorn has going on, irrespective he is starting to feel comfortable with me and I do not want to disappoint him, however he drifts away a lot and Im beginning to slowly lose interest. I am so sad because I really thought he might be the one. We are not together currently, but I know he'll be back.

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