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The weresheep smiles at you and moves over in front of you.

She hooked a finger and thumb into her fluffy underwear and pulls it down.

With a quick squeeze of her hands, delicious, lukewarm milk flowed into your mouth.

It exploded with flavour and sweetness, and before you knew it you were chugging down all the contents of her 'bottle' like a baby.

Maybe the farmer was trying to get it to go back in by acting like a cow too. Even the thighs were human, extending down into soft fur where her lower legs were. 'Sorry, I made a mistake, I thought you were a cow. Even if you can't take me with you, could you at least relieve me this time? ' She pulled off her top and stood in front of you. Her naked breasts swung back and forth as she dropped her shirt on the grass. My milk can fill you up, you won't need anything else.

Yep, it was a 'her', too, judging by the amazingly large breasts she was carrying around like two mountains. And if you come this way again, I would need your help. She walked up to you, staggering slightly because of the fullness of her breasts, and gently took your hands. Try it.' She picked up a milking stool which was nearby and sat down on it.

She unbuttoned your jeans and they drop to the ground as their support goes. Smooth, soft, and so large you couldn't see most of your underwear.

She lifted her heaving breasts and presses them around your cock, the soft skin rubbing up against the fabric of your briefs. The holstaur started to lower your underwear to let your dick out.

You were so hard you could break a hole in steel with it. You frowned and glanced around, wondering if there are more holstaurs.

You noticed something -- the 'cow' had hooves, but two of them, and even more surprisingly, her rear was oddly like a human's. It rubbed its rear and blinked in surprise, clearly wondering why you swatted it. ' She pointed to the top of her head, where two pointed horns stood. This holstaur's tits were better than the hentai anime you were fixated on, perhaps H- or J-cups. She walked over to you with slightly sad, vulnerable eyes. 'Um, we don't have anyone around here to take care of us.

You spotted a pair of very human hands in the grass. The odd thing was that its top half was human all right. They were curved outwards, with the top halves bending back inwards and the tips facing each other. I've felt so full and painful because of not being milked for two weeks.

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