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"New Kid on the Block" is the eighth episode of Season 4.

Bart falls in love his new next-door neighbor, young teenager Laura Powers.

Bakker recommends, even for the most average Joes, to really "There are many different styles of beer to choose from, but what really impresses is being true to what you like — whether it's a craft, import, or domestic beer. He added, Order your favorite beer on draft; if it's only offered in a bottle, you can impress your date by asking for a glass and pouring your beer properly down the side of the glass and then directly straight into the glass to create the perfect collar of foam.

Or you can defer to your date and try their favorite beer to discover something new.

After all, dating is all about looking your best and aiming to impress, especially during a first encounter.

But it's when you finally get yourself situated at a table that how you look begins to take a backseat.

If you feel bloated just reading that, let Master Cicerone (the equivalent to a wine sommelier...

When she arrives, they share dinner and Bart even accepts a dance with her.

She spits in his hand and says, "And there's the swimming pool." Bart says he is never going to wash that hand again.

Homer can't find a babysitter, so Bart suggests that Laura should babysit them, to which Homer agrees.

In her testimony, Marge is reduced to tears as she recalls how she and Homer drove around for hours afterward looking for another all-you-can-eat fish seafood restaurant before he then went fishing. After a meeting in the treehouse, Laura tells Bart she is dating Jimbo Jones.

Homer and the captain make agreements, with Homer now allowed to truly have all he can eat, in exchange for being put on display in the restaurant as "nature's cruelest mistake". While Laura and Jimbo kiss, Bart makes a prank call to Moe's Tavern, posing as Jimbo.

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Asking for a "Sex on the Beach" is a from ordering whiskey, straight up, with two ice cubes. White will put you to sleep, while red will leave you with stained teeth.

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