Dating culture in holland overcoming dating anxiety

Dutch men generally tend to be honest and straightforward about their life situations — they consider this part of looking for an appropriate match. Could you envision living the rest of your life in the Netherlands?

• Similarly, a guy may show he likes you by asking lots of practical questions. Better for him to know these things before investing too much time flirting, right?

Unlike their less civilized counterparts, Dutchmen generally won’t make a second attempt for your phone number, a kiss, etc.

• Chances are, the man will arrive by bike, but don’t take your bicycle when you go on a date.

Order a drink (or a few); as theatre critic George Jean Nathan used to say, “I drink to make other people more interesting.” Do what it takes to get fascinated with your Dutchman. “A drunk Dutchman behaves like a normal man,” a woman in Amsterdam told me.

She was Italian, so her expectation for “normal” may be slightly skewed — but it’s still good advice.

This explains why a female friend-of-TP was recently asked by an apparently interested Dutchman in a bar, “So, why did your last boyfriend break up with you?

Women in most countries are conditioned to hold back — will yourself to make the first move.

Well-educated and aware When dating a Dutch guy, you can on the whole look forward to spending time with an educated, well-read person.

He is most likely to have attended college and quite comfortable discussing a whole range of topics, starting from politics to the environment.

• If a Dutch guy starts explaining his job, divorce, kids, salary, living situation, etc. It may seem crass, but to many Dutch this is an integral part of flirting.

Sluttier or more desperate Dutch men are even known to work the room, explaining their CVs to any girl who will listen until they find one who expresses interest.

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