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As you may know the Swiss will introduce ISO-20022 and have a QR-Code with payment data on invoices containing bank accounts and amount.The specifications are not yet finished and may take another year to get done.

Check out the spoilers below - but, remember, even this is not an exhaustive list.Question: Funny, but I can't find the ID of each layout 2) In Tableshelp says: Get ( Persistant ID ) Returns a unique, unchanging identifier for the computer on which File Maker Pro is running In a client factory are 5 identical touch-screen Windows machines that are returning the SAME ID.Before I run off and report this as quite serious bug, has anon else seen this behaviour My info Any fixes? Mac Book Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015) OSX 10.12.6 Filemaker Pro Adding pdf reference to interactive container, no script involved. Sonya I've got FMPA 13 and FMPA 16 installed on windows 8.1 machine.Xbox One is a few days behind, as we mentioned the other day, but we did want to share that - so hopefully not too much longer now and we will let you know how that turns out when we can.The update should roll out globally throughout the day - so be patient if it has not yet arrived on your console for download. Well, the content changelog will be much the same as the one from when PC made the leap from 1.2.4 to 1.3.

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