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" Or "Say, that turtleneck sweater sure is flattering. Hides your double chin." After one of these cheery openers, he'll still be wearing his bright grin, but your own smile may start to droop a little. When you cut him dead the next time you meet, he'll be heartbroken -and puzzled. The fact that he usually adds insult to injury when he tries to fix it also escapes him. What really gets you is that both male and female Sagittarians are oblivious to their own blunt speech.

It will take him a while to figure out just what he said that set you back on your heels, and even longer to understand why. They are truly convinced that they are the most diplomatic souls in the world.

Sagittarius is totally unaware of the effect when his direct honesty compels him to speak.

Scorpio feels little compunction about the wounds his statements cause.

There's a difference between the legendary bluntness of the archer and the brutal speech of the Scorpio.

They would have to be loyal, and they would have to love her to survive incidents like the time three years ago when she opened up her big heart and decided to completely outfit her secretary for the winter.In youth especially, many of them have a stray lock of hair which keeps falling over the forehead, like a horse's mane. The archer is physically conspicuous, if only through his obvious confidence and his disregard for con- f ventional behavior. He was on his way to a television rehearsal, but musicians, director and camera crew had to wait Sagittarians with natal afflictions to the birth planets can have, instead, a morbid fear of animals, but it doesn't happen often.They'll flip it back with a toss of the head or a quick, unconscious movement of the hand-a habit that may last long after a new hairstyle has been adopted in maturity or after bald-ness has set in. Ordinarily, people born under Jupiter's influence fear nothing.The young girl was flat broke, since she had just been through a drizzly financial disaster, and she was touched to tears.Others had sympathized, but until Kay, no one had offered a concrete helping hand. (You can read that several ways.)One fine fall day, the two of them set forth for Saks Fifth Avenue in a fever of excited female anticipation.

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