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Nontheless he was invited back twenty or so years later to build yet another shopping Mall in the centre.

That said, the barons, earls and dukes which pepper these pages did contribute colour to British history (usually blood red).

We recommend you save time and money by visiting the Tower or Hampton court (preferably both) instead.

However many want the more intimate connection that Buck House has with the existing monarchy (though Windsor Castle is better in that degree) and it's certainly improved in 2002, with more rooms open and better gallery space. We're not sure if this exactly counts as a palace - it's more of a prison-cum-armoury - with a shadier past than Kurt Waldheim.

The Tower features on our Walk One which takes in many other local sights and is highly recommended.

The Tower was effectively built by William the Conqueror after his extended visit in 1066.

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