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If you are going for looks, the Turks and other girls there might be better. I look through my girls sisters profile on facebook who still lives in Austria (My girl doesn't live in Austria anymore and doesn't have many pics on facebook), and she has a lot of really good looking friends, and she is very beautiful herself, but most of them look Turkish or maybe from somewhere else in the middle east.I might also add, the girls that I was/am close with from Austria, may have been different than the typical Austrian girl because they were raised by Brazilian and Turkish families.She doesn't even really believe the Koran and hardly considers herself Muslim, just born into the religion, like I was Christianity.Her family even goes to Christian church on occasion.Now to the OP: I find Austrian women to be way more open.Especially the ones from Eastern European descendency who grew up in Austria are amazing (czech, croatia, slovakia).I really enjoy meeting people in the real world but am giving online a try.I've been watching some episodes of an Austrian blind-date show online:

She is gorgeous and the coolest girl I've ever been with (Which is obviously why I'm with her).

ka..Folge Some of the women look ok and seem nice, but you can't really trust or go by reality TV shows these days.

So I would like to hear from some people living there: Is the country one big cock-fest? I've been with two girls that grew up in Austria, but neither of them were actually Austrian.

I'm open minded to almost everything and everyone even in relationships.

My hobbies are cooking dancing sports gym, I grew up in the Am Mayan by name, am mixed Austria half Benin republican am 23 years of age and i love having fun i love swimming, cooking, traveling am 5.

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